Corona — The Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World


The Greatest Opportunity In The History Of The World


Part 1: Panic Stations…?

When I first heard about CORONA I took freakishly fast action. Paranoia on public transport. Bought several disinfectants and soaps (which I never normally do at all).

Plus a ton more supplements to harden my immune system…

The whole nine yards.

I was scared. I was shocked.

Here (apparently) was a new virus fresh out of China that could lead to a mass extinction event on a global scale.

Yet most of society was complacent.

I continued to investigate daily. I began this Corona Manifesto document. I even stocked up on food supplies (not toilet paper…).

Mixed Messages

…and then I watched how complacent the UK Government was to take action.

But people were spontaneously collapsing in Wuhan suffocating to death.

A contagious virus from a research lab let loose on the global population.

Surely the Government must act!

News began to form a narrative. Even the WHO said the new virus was not transmissable from person to person. Here is their tweet on January 14:

“Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China.”

“Are they out of their minds!?”, I thought. “It’s a bio-engineed virus released from a research lab — have they not watched the movie Contagion!? If one human has it then chances are other humans can get infected! Won’t somebody do something!”

Meanwhile my fellow British citizens were none the wiser, casually out and about touching handrails, door handles, shaking hands…

Was I in the Twilight zone of a Hollywood zombie movie set?

But the Government did start to make announcements. Imperial College’s Neil Ferguson will probably, and rightly go down in history as one of the key factors in causing mass social and economic destruction around the world.

He projected 500k deaths, millions infected… the government reacted with quarantines… then Ferguson soon revised his numbers all the way down to 20k deaths.

Now 20k people dying is horrific in my mind. But it’s common. People are dying every single day of all manner of causes. So certainly not justification to entirely shut down the global economy. And people will surely die of this economic shutdown. Starvation in some countries. Suicides due to stress in all.

And with Fergusons infamous flip-flop, it was another mixed message that led me to dig deeper.

The UK government itself downgraded the national threat on 26 March – but yet has kept us in strict home quarantine.

By that point many voices were sharing news and views online. My Facebook wall turned into a Corona announcement page. Various contacts sent me links privately.

Beliefs Form. Beliefs Change.

My own ‘beliefs’ about this situation flip flopped as wildly as Ferguson’s bullshit statistics.

I flip flopped multiple days daily in my frantic race to figure out WTF is really going on.

And I get it. I understand the comfort that comes from simply putting your trust in the higher external authorities of God and Government, to follow the rules, obey the guidelines, the pithy PR from the Governments press office: ‘stay at home and save lives’.

Biassed beliefs are extremely difficult to overcome. We take a position because mentally and emotionally we have to.

It’s 5G. No, it’s a Chinese bioweapon. No, it’s just a common flu virus. No wait, viruses don’t even exist. It’s just a government psyop to control us. It’s the pharma companies who want to inject us with vaccines to make billions in profit.

So many possibilities, many extremes.

Whichever one fits our model of reality becomes our belief.

And we defend that belief, with a frown on our face, and all manner of seriousness that we can muster, arguing against friends, debating with strangers, all because we have to feel a sense of security — even if that security is only in our mind.

And so we reduce the many plausible factors down to as few as we possibly can.

The mass majority of people of course go along with the mainstream media.


Because the media seems to go along with the Governments — who are advised by ‘leading experts’.

And who in their right mind would disagree with Government appointed experts?


If that’s where you’re at, then good luck to you my friend. All of my words following this point are probably pointless. You won’t budge an inch. You are stuck in your ways. You will believe what you need to believe so that you can sleep at night, comforted in the ‘knowledge’ that a virus from a bat is flooding our national hospitals with overwhelming number of Covid-19 cases — and there is nothing we can do except social distancing, wear masks (depending what the Government tells us to do), and wait until we are told it’s safe to step outside.

I get it. There’s just too much information bandied about…

Who do you listen to? Who do you trust? If not your own Government, medical establishment and local media? It’s scary to question the status quo, to go against the grain, to think for yourself and question authority.

If that’s where you’re at, then that’s where you’re at.

Part 2: Open Letter To Open Thinkers

Whatever you think you know about the corona virus, it’s wrong. As open thinkers, that’s what we can be sure of.

I have watched many dozens of videos by medical practitioners… from doctors to researchers to various practitioners… and the narrative is fluid and changing.

As Open Thinkers we have to organize our ideas mentally on scales of ‘more likely and less likely’. As Plausible Factors rather than Proven Facts.

There are multiple factors at play.

My current view:

  • Is 5G relevant to corona? Yes, but it’s not the cause of Covid-19, it may well be a catalyst in many cases though.
    • Isn’t it strange to you that there is SO much hysteria about a virus, and yet absolutely ZERO concern about mass microwave emitters?
    • There are medical / scientific papers that document how 5G microwave radiation interferes with oxygen uptake in the lungs and causes all sorts of other damage in our cells.
    • Think of putting tin foil into a microwave oven. Think of that happening in your own body.
  • Is 2019nCoV a bioweapon? Perhaps. The virus is patented by bioweapons research labs, with published papers showing the ‘enhancements’ made to combine various other viruses. Check out the Corona Science and Theories sections for more on this.
  • Does any virus even exist? I lean on the ‘yes’ side of this one. Some medical professionals explain that a virus is an excretion of toxicity from cells. Not something that per se invades cells.
    • I don’t buy into that idea at present but I’m open to a change in our medical paradigm. Think of ‘blood letting’, a practice of bleeding someone to remove disease, used throughout the medical establishment up until only a hundred years ago or so. Barbaric. Ignorant. Destructive. But not from their established medical paradigm. Perhaps the way we think about viruses today (based on a model from 100 years ago) is also barbaric, ignorant and destructive. More evidence needs to be explored here.
  • Is the media lying about the pandemic? Absolutely zero doubt. The evidence is huge. Editorial Guidelines have been given to journalists to follow. Journalists are not investigating hospitals first hand. Citizen Journalists in Canada, US, Germany, and so on are video recording evidence of EMPTY HOSPITALS where the media have said they’re ‘overrun’.
    • I’m NOT saying there is zero contagion in some areas among some communities. I am saying there is no evidence of mass pandemic as reported by mainstream media to date. Media journalists do not actually go to investigate themselves, they just repeat the story they’re given from management.
    • Unsure? Check for yourself. Google it. Search on YouTube. Search on Twitter. Invest a few hours and open your eyes to the reality of citizen reporting.
    • Think of examples in the past where you do think the media has lied or got things entirely wrong, and then extrapolate out to the current situation.
    • Add all of the video evidence from citizens around the world, and then choose how far up the scale you are, from 0 ‘the media never lies and is not lying about the overwhelming pandemic they are reporting about corona virus’ to 10 ‘the media lies all the time and are 100% hyping the corona situation because of hidden agendas between the fat cats of media and pharmaceuticals industry’.
    • I have provided some evidence on the Status_suUby#_luErO section of this document.

What’s really going on?

My current best guess is this:

  • Something bad and contagious came out of China research labs.
  • The WHO (world health organization), CDC (centres for disease control), and Gates Foundation (vaccine advocates) have pushed the narrative of this being a global pandemic to empower themselves and push us towards more vaccines. “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.
  • Current death rate, and even the infection rate, appears to be tiny, similar or even less than common flu.
    • Much smaller than media is reporting because medical guidelines advise medics to label any deaths with Covid-19 related symptoms as caused by 2019nCoV virus, even though most of those deaths may have happened anyway due to other health conditions! Yep. Check out the Testing and Mortality headings in the Status section for details.
  • However, the underlying possibility is that 2019nCoV (the virus) is a worse bioweapon than current Covid-19 symptoms reveal and may hit us in waves over the next couple years. The theory here is:
    • We can’t built strong immunity to it.
    • It has high repeat contagion (same people get it more than once).
    • It leaves lasting lung damage.
  • Now the What If’s:
    • If it’s a bad bioweapon , I think chances are the vast majority of us will get it — and social distancing will not save us at all — guaranteed.
    • If it’s a natural virus mutation causing severe respiratory conditions, then susceptible people will get it and need more care. Ventilators aren’t working because this new disease is not normal pneumonia which causes weak breathing. It’s blocked oxygen uptake, despite strong lung muscles.
    • Either way , like the game of Chinese whispers we have just seen how mass hysteria can spread around the world.
  • There are multiple factors involved, not just one. It’s not just 5G. It’s not just 2019nCoV. There may be a mix of causal factors leading to susceptibility of a new type of disease. Check the Theories_su9zR#_luRQK section for details.

What to do?

Stay calm. Take action. Build your immunity.

On a social level, I think Sweden and Holland are getting it right.

They have not imposed any national quarantine measures. It’s pointless for mass immunity, and it’s destructive. Holland is advising social distancing but they are not doing any quarantine lockdown.

And the numbers of contagion in those countries are apparently about the same as in others.

Professor Wittkowski explains why Social Distancing doesn’t work… in fact actually makes things much worse. Rather than aiding ‘herd immunity’, social distancing reduces herd immunity and thus more infirm, sick, elderly people are kept more vulnerable for more time.

My current view on a corona health protocol

(gleaned from many dozens of sources) is this:

  • High doses of quality nutrition, especially Vitamins C, A, and D. And Zinc.
  • Anti-viral nutrients such as various mushrooms, (Chaga, Reishi, etc).
  • Regular exercise, clean water, sun light.
  • Hugs, lots and lots of hugs — they literally boost immune response.
  • Proper sleep — from dusk till dawn (more like 10pm to 6am, not 1am to 6am).
  • EMF protection. 5G microwave radiation is harmful.
  • No sugary drinks, very low white sugar content or artificial sweeteners (bacteria thrives on it).
  • Schweppes Tonic water contains quinine which transports nutrients through cell walls (similar to the chloroquine drug being used to resolve Covid-19 symptoms).
  • People who get sick should begin social distancing immediately (this should probably become a cultural norm) — and just as Dr Shiva says, ‘the rest of us, 90%, should get back to work’.
  • ‘Hand washing and social distancing’ is a superficial exercise in futility that only gives people a semblance of false hope. It will not save them.

Overall this is the best general view on treatments collated so far.

Bottom line: From this point forward people should take more responsibility for their health than ever before.

We all must improve our approach to building a stronger immune system. No excuses.

Check the Treatment section for details.

My Greatest Fear

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”

Anyone who believes in the status quo… that government does a half decent job of serving public trust… that the medical establishment acts in the best possible interests for our health…and that freedoms are rights that can be taken from us in times of panic… such people are part of my greatest fear.

They Lie!

The establishment wants you to believe there is no cure or treatment except for their new vaccine in development.

In fact: many doctors and other medical professionals are advising on effective treatments that can get rid of symptoms in a matter of days.

Here is the best allopathic medical explanation for Covid-19 I’ve seen so far.

“NEW RESEARCH: COVID-19 is causing prolonged & progressive hypoxia (starving your body of oxygen) by binding to the heme groups in hemoglobin in your red blood cells. Patients are progressively desaturating (losing o2 in their blood)”

But the mainstream is ignoring insights like this.

They Cheat!

The numbers are flatly false and it’s becoming easy to demonstrate just how false by their own admission.

They Steal, Bribe and are Bribed!

US hospitals are receiving large funding amounts for simply diagnosing Covid-19 and putting people on ventilators. $37,000 per patient! This is fraudulent theft of the tax payer.

They Suppress!

They are now not even hiding their drive towards MANDATORY VACCINES BY THREAT OF FORCE.

“New World Order” and “sitting at the right hand side of Satan”, Walter Cronkite, CBS News Anchorman:

And millions of people are begging them to do it

My greatest fear is that my neighbours, friends, family and fellow citizens will become complicit in the force and fraud that threatens our health and future.

My greatest fear is that people simply ‘obey’.

Part 3: The Greatest Opportunity — EVER!

“Think for your self. Question authority”.

We have an opportunity to raise our collective intelligence by exposing the force and fraud being imposed on us.

Medical professionals are waking up to the realisation that healthcare restrictions are for profit, not for the people.

Happy go lucky citizens are realising their governments are not as smart, sophisticated, or organized as expected.

The greatest opportunity is for people to learn to question authority — enabling us to achieve a more free, benevolent, honest society.

A Breakaway Civilisation

There is a topic that underlies this entire situation. The existence of a futuristic society that exists today in parallel to our own. Many dozens of researchers have exposed the history, evidence and operations of this Breakaway Civilization.

[to be continued…]