Cosmic Gems Manual - Introduction

Solving The Corona Conundrum

(Edit 2, Tuesday 12 May)

The Corona Lockdown presents mankind with the greatest opportunity in the history of the world.

Health. Abundance. Security.

How so?

Through a restructuring and re-education at every level of society.

Cosmic Gems of Honesty stream across cyberspace to flatten the curve of hypocrisy, irrationality, fear mongering and faith in authorities.

This may be the final stand of Fabian Eugenic Socialism. Those sociopaths in positions of power who are envious of the vast majority who have natural souls of gold.

This may be the greatest hour for the protective vital few who see through illusions to the essence of things.

With Cosmic Gems anyone can discover how to get on the right side of history. A protector of human life, dignity, and security for all — battling within a War of Two Worlds.

Two Worlds

Two types of world co-exist on planet Earth.

  • One world of illusions, controls, envy, fear, uncertainty, doubt, superstition, suppression.
  • One world of cosmic splendour, soulful connection, new technology, vitality and love.

We tip toe back and forth, never quite feeling completely at home within the boundaries of either world. Influenced back and forth by what we observe on TV, social media, family and friends.

Stuck between the massive effort of personal integrity required to sustain our connection in that cosmic world of splendour. Its price of entry remains high. Total honesty. Maximum self-responsibility. Unyielding discipline.

We get glimpses of that world when things go well in life. We even sense its parallel existence mere millimeters from where we stand, where we sit, where we lay. Beckoning us. That world of accomplishment, success, authenticity, bliss.

And yet somehow we falter. We succumb to negative temptations of personal diminishment. Bad energies. Bad thoughts. Gut wrenching tests of our character that numb our wits and smother our senses in normality, banality, sacrifice.

Those two worlds are not metaphorical. We each know them to be true.

  • One world puts us on a trajectory towards a futuristic civilisation that fulfils our wildest dreams.
  • The other grinds us into the hardships and burdens of a meaningless existence.

Are you ready to win The War of Two Worlds?

Cosmic Gems help you remain in the world of your choosing. The first step is to choose which world you belong in. It may seem like a simple choice. But it is not an easy choice. It’s far easier to remain lazy, go with the flow, indulge in self-destructions over a lifetime of apathy.

So tell me…

Do you swallow the red pill of soulful effort or the blue pill of mental laziness?

Note: Movie buffs will appreciate this reference from The Matrix. Regardless, continue below for your Cosmic Gems.


What follows is not easy reading. Rather than writing this for the many, I write it for the few. The vital few who take life seriously. Really seriously. Those few who understand that life requires effort, commitment and focus to peal through layers of distraction and achieve personal integrities that deliver authentic experience.

First — what is meant by ‘Cosmic Power’? What are Cosmic Gems, really? What makes them so profitable? And why today during the Corona pandemic?

The Cosmic Q&A

(draft 1, 18 May)

What is Cosmic Power?

The word cosmic means ‘relating to the universe’. The perspective of Cosmic Power is that we have a greater long-term potential than what exists down here on planet Earth. A universal cosmic potential of far advanced technology, mentality, and culture.

Note: Dr. Frank R Wallace coined the term Cosmic Power when marketing his Neo-Tech Discovery back in 1990.

What are Cosmic Gems?

Cosmic Gems are small units of insight and experience that (a) come from that Cosmic Power and (b) help deliver that Cosmic Power to planet Earth.

Note: I coined the term Cosmic Gems in 2020, derived from FRW’s Neo-Tech literature.

Why today, because of Corona?

The corona situation revealed vivid juxtapositions of honesty/dishonesty that I needed to better relate to FRW’s work (explained below). In the Neothink Society Facebook group on 9 May 2020 I wrote:

“I am realising a new layer from FRW’s master work. Not just an intellectual agreement, but deeper. I realise why he destroyed copies of the original Cassandra’s Secret on exposing the anticivilisation. I feel it. I see it. Dreaded wonder. Self-responsibility. Boy what a burden! Keep reading your FRW literature people! Pax Neo-Tech. Digital Journey. Riches and Romance. Zon Protocols. Profound Honesty. There’s diamonds in dem hills! Today’s information wars about the [corona] scamdemic provide fertile soil for constructing bandoleer’s of Neo-Tech Bullets. Focus. Participate. Contribute.”

Where Cosmic Gems Originate — The Source of All Cosmic Power

(draft 1, 18 May)

In the next 4 short paragraphs I summarise 20 years of my personal journey, revealing how I came across the essence of Cosmic Power:

  • In 1995, on my fifteenth birthday, I announced to my father that I would no longer be pursuing Judaism. I’m sure it was quite a blow but he took it like a champ. A deeply respectful and loving father. But my personal journey into questioning even the existence of a ‘god’ and comparing certain aspects of the Nation State of Israel with aspects of Nazi Germany were too much for him. We have drifted apart over the years.

  • In 1996, almost a year after asserting my inviolable free thinking and individualism, I fortuitously discovered a text size book called Cosmic Power Now. To this day, that book has no equal in matching my sense and view of life. It was as if the author, Dr Frank R Wallace, had purified the expression of my heart and captured it in print. It was obvious. It was clean. It was valuable.

  • In 1998 that same author began to published weird and wonderful new ideas that form the basis of Cosmic Gems. His new ideas seemed confusing, unclear, impractical. But I sensed a wider understanding that perhaps someday I could grasp.

  • In 2020, as the Corona pandemic, scamdemic, plandemic ripped through society, vivid examples of mass hysteria and life threatening irrationality finally gave me insight to better understand the simplicity, pure beauty, and profitable practicality of Frank R Wallace’s futuristic writing.

Understanding Neo-Tech gives you full access to Cosmic Gems as explained now. (if you would like access to a ton of original Neo-Tech literature, click to open this new window here)

The Neo-Tech Process for Riches & Romance

(draft 1, 18 May)

Tragically, most Neo-Tech readers do not understand it. In a sense, FRW didn’t understand it either. How can that be? An author not understanding their own writing? Because Neo-Tech describes perspectives and emotional experiences that are beyond our current appreciation. And FRW said so of himself.

Our task and opportunity is to expand our understanding through multiple readings, and simple practical action steps.

FRW wrote in a way to avoid giving advice, giving instructions, or becoming anyones ‘authority’. He wrote in such a way that only self-leaders through FIH, WSA, DTC (explained below) through our own volitional focus, can pry the practical advantages and steps out of the Digital Journey.

FRW had intended to produce an instruction manual of sorts, a ‘poker-type manual’ that would explain how anyone can construct Neo-Tech Bullets (which I call Cosmic Gems), informational memes that help juxtapose fact from fiction in freeing human thought from 3000 years of camouflaged error.

As FRW was fatally hit by a car in 2006, the responsibility and opportunity to build those Neo-Tech Bullets rests on our shoulders. In the next section, I begin to dissect the Digital Journey, with the dual purpose of (a) better understanding what the heck it’s on about myself, and (b) accelerating your grasp of his message, so that together we can cast Cosmic Gems into every crevice of our own lives, communities, and global cultures, to fulfil the job of building a super society over the coming years.

Unraveling the Digital Journey

(draft 1, 18 May)

Caveat: This section is mostly written for readers of Frank R Wallace’s Digital Journey documents. If you’ve not yet read them, or Pax Neo-Tech, or Zonpower, then you’ll certainly recognise the call to action presented here, but you’ll need to read and re-read FRW’s work to really ‘get it’. With that said, let’s dive in.

Traditional Neo-Tech identified FIH (Fully Integrated Honesty), WSA (Wide Scope Accounting), DTC (Discipline, Thought and Control) as fundamental tools for attracting Wealth, Power, Glory, Sex and Health: the WPGSH advantages available from a good life. An infinity of riches and romance.

Advanced Neo-Tech (Zonpower > Digital Journey > Pax Neo-Tech) were attempts to unpack that infinite potential of life by focusing those tools on birthing a futuristic super society on Earth, for all mankind, as quickly as possible.

Visit the following thread for key points as I interpret them from FRW’s Digital Journey documents.

Note: FRW himself intended to produce a poker-style manual called REVOLUTION! with Neo-Tech Bullets. I believe we must progress that work individually and collectively ourselves, to finish the job of bankrupting the Anticivilisation, as the greatest priority of our lives. And that’s how and why I began a new Bullet Manual — Cosmic Gems.

New Conceptions Of Life

(draft 1, 18 May)

How do we conceive, imagine, and even begin to experience the positives of a highly advanced shared society and individual mentality? FRW wrote:

“…see conscious life from two perspectives, from two switchable channels – (1) the anticivilization channel and (2) the business-civilization channel. … By separating the channels fully and cleanly, [you] gain the power to (1) fade the first channel into a blank screen emptied of content and (2) intensify the second channel into a vivid screen filled with treasures” - Introduction to Neo-Tech Bullets, How to Become an Invisible Illuminatus

“…enter that business civilization through ten-second “miracles” – ten-second decisions – decisions made by closing one’s eyes for ten seconds to embrace self-responsibility and integrated honesty.” - The Story Proof

How do we turn those rational and emotional conceptions into precious gems that can be shared with normies?

Memes. Expressions. Choices. Behaviours.

[To be continued.]

Chin Up, Cheer up!

(draft 1, 18 May)

The romantic human spirit can only be suppressed, but it can not be destroyed. It will never be extinguished. It resurfaces, endures, and eventually blossoms into eternity. As a species we need to mature. Eliminate negatives mercilessly. Accentuate positives with alacrity…

Digitise your thinking.

Note: Today, Mark Hamilton (Dr. Frank R Wallace’s son) continues his own path, taking his own digital business actions to replace the Anticivilization with the Super Society.