Daily Diet & Rest Routine

Doing Well:

  • Mostly organic food.
  • Lots of water daily.
  • Almost enough sleep most of the time.

Needs Improvement

  • It seems 10.30pm sleep time and 6.30am wake time works best for my body, however I rarely get to sleep at 10.30.
  • Need to increase the amount of fresh veg in my diet, rather than relying on supplements, limited range of veg (I have lots of Kale for example).
  • Also not sure the correct balance of meat / fish / eggs.
  • Perhaps it’s an individual thing.
  • Would like to get live blood analysis and body typing tests to help determine optimum nutrition for my physiology.

Intermittent Fasting

A 72 hour fast ‘reboots your entire immune system’. Diagram shows hour based impact of water and herbal-teas fasting. I’ve done a 2-day water fast some years ago. A friend doing a 3-day fast has inspired me to do one soon.

Src: https://www.brighteon.com/0f2b08a6-85fc-426c-b0dc-3f1b9b22b68c