Is 5G a co-factor in sudden respiratory disease?

Theory 2: “Covid-19 is Caused or Triggered by 5G”

5G microwaves alters the calcium channels by adjusted the voltage.

Voltage gated calcium channels in the cell membranes, that get manipulated and more permeable to allow more toxins, to travel through the cell membrane and then cause an influx of calcium into the cells.

Because calcium is an extra-celleulur ion, when ca goes inside the cell it becomes pathognomonic (sign of disease). - Dr Buttar

Dr Buttar’s excellent 5G expose was removed by YouTube…

Sacha describes Covid-19 as a ‘Bomb’ containing several ingredients:

Fluoride in water supply.

Glyphosphates in food supply.

Aluminium from geo-engineering (and vaccines).

These factors collect in the brain. 5G can then become a trigger.