Key Points of the Digital Journey

This is my interpretation of FRW’s Digital Journey. Each to their own.

(edit 1, may 12)

Most people flee from the responsibility of using those tools

Most people are mentally programmed to accept aging decline through boredom, suppression, the general burdens of life

Most people lack the optimism and emotional energy to break through personal and social barriers to be their best self and live to their potential

A society made up of people who perceive life as hard, unfair, is a society destined to repeat the same cycle of human tragedy over and over again

A few people achieve big success, enjoy life greatly, and yet still the world in general is in turmoil

Emotionally facing these facts is gut wrenching and so most people tend to generally avoid this sense of awareness as much as possible, and so the cycle of decline continues from birth to death across the millennia

Digital Journey is an attempt to stop that cycle, to re-define human potential, reveal opportunities for each person to better themselves through FIH, WSA, DTC while helping to build the foundations throughout society that can accelerate us towards an entirely new mode of thought, feeling, and experience. A super society in which geniuses create goods and services that help deliver WPGSH for all.

Rather than trying to convert the old negative stuck civilisation (Anticivilisation) into the new positive evolving civilisation (Civilisation of the Universe), that transition can only occur through a spontaneous leap of understanding, spread far and wide throughout the global populace. At once achieving a tipping point of people who see, taste, hear, a new emotional life experience available from a new approach to running society.

Those who take up the responsibility and challenge, must construct values through business dynamics, science and art, that help fade out the old world, and brighten up the new.

Practical profits stream from Digital Journey by identifying all of the opportunities available in today’s civilisation to help replace those negative bits of old experience with positive bits of new experience.

We each must create experiences of various kinds (in writing, in services, in media) that bring WPGSH advantages to ourselves while adding WPGSH value to others. It’s that simple.

The difficult part is navigating the complexity of human thought that is so enamoured in old world experience that it feels almost impossible to unpack all the details, insights, realisations, facts to see the new world, stuck with old biases, agendas, traumas, grudges, prejudices, which make it near-impossible to change, adapt or grow.

The spectrum of human thought is so vast and so complex, and so fixated on a consciousness of aging decline, that correcting those complexities is a fools errand.

Frank R Wallace invited us to realize that fools folly and to conceive new paths that fade out and replace old perspectives while ramping up new emotional experiences that come from a future time and place. These are the quantum jump transitions, enabled by micro packets of information (memes) that accrue bit by bit to build a parallel cultural experience that beckons others towards their own self-responsibility to acquire FIH, WSA, DTC advantages.

Exploring, digesting, highlighting and re-reading the great body of Neo-Tech literature is how we gain the nuanced insights to then take the decisive actions that bring romantic WPGSH to everyone.

This collection of notes forms part of the Cosmic Gems Manual: