Nutritional Supplement Regimen

Here’s the majority of supplements I take. Some more often than others.

Item Description Current Source
Intramax 400+ ingredients (highly recommended)
Shilajit fulvic acid / trace minerals substance from mountain crevices
Restore Probiotic precursor for digestive system
MCT Oil caprylic acid for brain health
Collagen Powder muscle and tendons/ligaments
Bone Broth bone and joint mineralization
Colostrum bone and joint mineralization (on shopping list, deciding on a preferred source)
Fermented Cod Liver Oil brain and joints
C60 fullerene-shaped anti-oxidants
Apple Cider Vinegar good for digestive system Get raw and organic
Liposomal Vit C high-dose version of Vitamin C
Male hormone health Variety of options
Chyawanprash Jam Supposedly cleansing/detoxing
Green Extracts
TRU Niagen NAD Powers the mitochondria. Supposedly one of the few types of supplement with clinical evidence of increasing longevity. As per references below.
C60 Hardwood Charcoal
Pau D’Arco
AMPK Metabolic Activator As per references below.
Resveratrol As per references below.
Senolytic Activator As per references below.
Curcumin As per references below.®-containing-component-Curcuminoids/dp/B01AS39QB2/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Curcumin+95+%2B+Bioperine&qid=1578318332&sr=8-1
Jiaogulan Gynostemma Herbal Tea As per references below.