Purification by Pain

Londoners are subject to the Governments ‘Tier 2’ restrictions as of Friday.

Since my teenage years when I began reading political philosophy I saw the piecemeal encroachment of tyranny spread throughout society, a subtle suffocation that drained human will and stifled innovation.

As of Year 0 (2020)… and as my sister rightly assessed… these lockdowns are like my worst nightmare.

Not for the current restrictions, but because once again I see the future of what this will become if allowed by citizenry to continue.

My hope, wish, and prayer is for the masses to realise what a farce the Government is, what a con the lockdowns are, and that FREEDOM becomes a priority of the people, rather than just an afterthought as it was in the past.

The Governments 3-tier traffic light lockdown system entirely misses the actual status of the pandemic. Very, Very, Low. Let alone the tiers beyond that, including Very Low, and Low. No, it begins at ‘Medium’. Perception becomes reality. It requires abstraction of thought to see below surface appearances to the essence of things.

Most people bend their mind to the will of external authorities and lose all powers of objective reasoning and abstract thought. Sheep. Cattle. Slaves.

Covid is a new biological disease, with very very low infection rate and apparently incredibly easy to both prevent and resolve.

Covid is also a control program to introduce a new economic reset because the old system is collapsing and politics is finally losing its ability to control society.

We are close to a breakthrough. But it will be purification by pain.