The Corona Conundrum

Specific topics related to the overall theme of ‘corona’, be it medical, political, economic, or conspiratorial.

We do not believe in accepting the status quo.

We are not helpless and we will not have our freedoms taken from us.

We act responsible, morally, and safely for the protection of everyone’s health and wellbeing.

We think for ourselves, question authority, and accept the responsibility for our own choices.

We feel a moral imperative, an empathic duty, and a self-motivated urgency to do our own research, figure things out, and act accordingly.

The Corona threat is real, one way or another. Whether through the physical contagion itself, or via the consequences of a collapsed economy, government restrictions, and superficial counter-measures.

Sustainable health and wellbeing is our top priority.

The world we want to see?

A healthy, abundant global village, free of fear and panic caused by natural disasters, sinister bioweapons, incompetent governments, or soulless corporations.